Jamie (animeangelblue) wrote in hp_newyork,

Ravenclaw Student ^^

A photographer friend of mine, ngmaster, and I have been musing for a while over having a mini-HP themed shoot. So, under the cut, I present a few photographs of my Ravenclaw uniform... Enjoy~

By far my favourite shot of the shoot o.O;; I really liked the way the background turned out...

A little bit of magic ~

A really nice shot of my robes/uniform, the wind was playing with us ^^;;

A fun spin on HP styled photos... please wait for this one to load, its creepy imo, but still really cool...

Thanks for looking!
The photo gallery is located here for anyone that would like to see anymore!
Or if anyone would like to see his little blurb about the shoot ((which is cute too))
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Wow, that first one is amazing! Really fabulous pics!
That's awesome. The pictures are so amazing.

Where'd you get the scarf? I have one but it's one off the Whimsic Alley site, I believe and it's very short. I've been looking for a super long one like that.
I actually knitted my own by hand... if you were interested in the time/money it takes to make one, just email me at bluecosplayangel at gmail dot com.